MASM for x64 Platform on Visual Studio 2013

Today let’s see how to build a solution using MASM and x64 Platform on Visual Studio 2013.

I’m not that familiar with Microsoft world and I couldn’t find any good information about how to configure/build/debug MASM assembly files out there so I wrote down this one.


Initial project setup

I’ve started creating a new Empty project for General purposes on Visual Studio 2013.

I’ve ended up with an empty solution with the following structure.

Then right clicking on “Source Files”, Add, Existing Item… I managed to select the target files.

You don’t need to move or copy them into your project, just select the files, Visual Studio will take care of it.

Now you have all your files in the right place


Enabling MASM support

Right click on your project “Not the solution”, Build Dependencies and Build Customizations…

Flag masm(.targets, props)

Now, right click on your .asm file, Properties then change Item Type to “Microsoft Macro Assembler”


Enabling x64 Platform

Click on the configurations drop-down and select “Configuration Manager…”

At “Active solution configuration” drop-down, select <New…> and select “x64”


Building the solution

Now, just build the solution and check it out your obj files.


Have fun 🙂


Allan de Queiroz

Allan de Queiroz
London based software engineer

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