Random Image Background Jetbrains Plugin

A few days ago I was watching some Venkat Subramaniam videos and I got impressed with the beauty of his editor, the transparency, images randomly changing during his talk and how it was completing that picture, btw the best technical presentations that I’ve ever seen.

His editor was Textmate and even that is a quite good text editor, it isn’t an IDE, looking for something similar for IDEA, I found a plugin that changes the background randomly, but just once, I’ve found this plugin on github, forked, rewrite it and sent a PR but no answer, looks like it’s abandoned. Then I decided to write a new one from scratch.

Even that the idea sounds a little bit useless I liked and looks like is not just me, this plugin has just 3 days and it was downloaded 30 times so far and 5 stars review, without any disclosure.

So, this is the plugin


And here is the source code


Looks promising, even for a so simple idea 🙂

Allan de Queiroz

Allan de Queiroz
London based software engineer

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