Why a blog?

Hello there!

Today just inspired by a post where I was referenced by Camila hope she doesn’t get mad because I’m revealing her name lol at dev4devs blog, I would like of first thank her for the mention and then say few words about why starting a blog.

Well, the motivations can be the most different ones like money, self-marketing, network or how Camila said.

I started to write this blog for save my map minds, drafts, notes and pieces of code and I decided to share it with the community as a knowledge base.

The thing is that she’s right, I think my reasons are most of the same, except by the fact that I’ve been trying to explain to myself things that I’ve been learning and I can say that this is a powerful tool for self teaching, I can see the difference between things that learn and try to explain here even that briefly than the ones that I learn and do nothing else than just apply to solve problems and perhaps do not touch again.

Just by doing the exercise of thinking about and writing down here, things get a place in my mind, besides the fact that when I write something that I just learnt or still learning, I’m in a supper priviledged position of trying to explain as a learner point of view what is quite different from a expert one.

So, doesn’t matter what are your aspiraitons or what’s your level, why not? I know that sometimes is hard to stop to write for a while but even if you put something there sometimes, you’ll be contributing with something that may be usefull to somebody and for you so, go for it.

An special thanks to Camila for the mention and congrats for the amazing collection that you already have there.

Allan de Queiroz

Allan de Queiroz
London based software engineer

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