Meteor pagination with Alethes Pages and Iron Router

In this post I want to write about my last task, a simple pagination. 

If you research at Atmospheejs you’ll see many options available to do this job, but after some reading I decided to use alethes:pages, why?

1 – Because Pages download just what is really necessary, other options copy everything, entire collections to the client side.

2 – Because it’s easy to use with Iron Router.

If you need to implement a pagination I suppose you have a collection of something, in my case Posts.

[code language=”javascript”]

Posts = new Mongo.Collection(“posts”);


What you need to do is just create a new route with Pages so, do that in the same place where are your other controllers, eg:

router: “iron-router” : It tells to Pages setup a new route for you.

routerLayout: “layout” : The layout used by iron router to generate paging. Example.

routerTemplate: “postList” : The template of your list. Example.

templateName: “postList” : The name of your template, if you omit this option, the default is the collection’s name.

itemTemplate: “postItem” : This is a important one, if you omit itemTemplate, a awful list will be provided for you so, use your own template. Example.

[code language=”javascript”]

Pages = new Meteor.Pagination(Posts, {

router: “iron-router”,

routerLayout: “layout”,

routerTemplate: “postList”,

templateName: “postList”,

itemTemplate: “postItem”,

sort: {

createdAt: -1


perPage: 5



After that you just need to write your routerTemplate

[code language=”javascript”]


pages and pagesNav are both provided by Pages, you just need to use it.

And finally, the itemTemplate

It’s pretty simple to use Pages, you can seed a list of options here or if you prefer read code instead documentation, you can visit Page’s repository there are lots of useful examples.

Allan de Queiroz

Allan de Queiroz
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